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Website, SEO-optimisation, PPC-advertising ​​for the International Basketball Agency.





The premier international basketball agency.

dedicated to discovering and nurturing the next generation of basketball stars.


The online casting-evaluation service is designed to help aspiring players achieve their dreams and kickstart their professional basketball career.


Price for all work: $1 500.


The price includes: logo, webdesign, adaptive layout for all devices, Google PPC advertising and the first 4 weeks of lead generation.



Website and promotion of a premium tuning studio in Hannover, Germany



  • Website design and layout.
  • Copywriting in correct German.

  • Hosting in Germany.

  • SEO-optimisation for the Germany.

  • Google PPC-advertising.

Price: 650€.



Website & SEO-driven for a travel agency in Istanbul



The website is in three languages: English, Bulgarian, Russian. Three separate language versions of the site with their own separate booking forms and SEO optimization.

All translations are made manually by professional translators.


Price with design, layout, translation and contextual advertising settings: $ 450.



Website and contextual advertising in 2 languages ​​for the sale of new buildings in Dubai



A real estate agency website with a catalog of new buildings, filters for choosing area, location, price and others.


Separate landing pages have been created for the most interesting objects on the site - landing pages, which receive advertising traffic from Google Ads.


Price for all work: $1,500.


The price includes: web design, adaptive layout for all devices, translation, contextual advertising settings and the first 2 weeks of lead generation.



Bilingual website for a premium car center in Dubai



Car service center in Dubai - maintenance, repair, painting, tuning, detailing, sale of spare parts and accessories.


Focused on premium cars: Rolls-Royce, Maybach, Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW, Jaguar and others.


Including webdesign, SEO-driven, PPC in Dubai.


Price $700.



Webdesign. Creation of websites.

Modernization of websites

Hosting. Antivirus protection

SEO-driven. Google PPC advertising.

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